Jaguar XJ8 V8 Compared to BMW 728i — A selection Between Two Top Luxury Cars

When it comes to cars my choice is looks every time accompanied by luxury and performance. Two cars that fall into this segment that I have been fortunate enough to own, and still own one today, both fall into all the three brackets, but which one comes out as top choice and why?

When looking at an incredibly finished and well sorted and maintained BMW 728i the figure and panels all subtly blend into each other creating a beautifully fabricated well considered design, a large yet sleek car that has a solid build, but appears sporty to the eye. Alloy wheels and tyres that practically meet in the middle of the vehicle simply awaken in the imagination about what a creation like this can actually do on the open road.

Being the flagship of their line BMW decided they would fit out the 7 series with the majority of that was at their removal. Most models come with a 6 heap CD system, ac, and electric everything as well as an on board computer, and of course a full leather interior finish with several extras to list, a very impressive package. The safety equipment boasts more airbags than the usual bus has seats as well as all the road adhesion systems linked to a superior suspension system that keeps the ride firm and on the road while keeping the automobile smooth and comfortable for the passengers.

Driving the BMW 728i is a driving experience that can only be related to driving a modern day day estate with all the amazing features.

The Jaguar Xj8 V8 being of similar size to the BMW, but with exterior style and design that cover the very term luxury, from front to back it provides the impression that every detail has been investigated and discussed in the boardroom before production ever happened, because of the twin chrome exhaust conduits extending just enough from the backside to give it a display of power to match the craftsmanship.

On-board is door to door is a walnut wood finish with strategically placed knobs and buttons. Significantly less many toys and waste kit as the BMW, but certainly not sparse when it comes to additional extras. Ac, a 6 heap CD system, and on board computer, electric magnifying mirrors, seats etc are just a few. Luxury soft leather seats with colour coded piping along with deep shag-pile carpet make the Jaguar interior a superior driver and voyager drawer that has to be hard to beat.

The Jaguar contains all the necessary safety equipment, but nothing in excess, all this riding on a suspension that is a lot better for straight lines and comfort delivery rather than speeding on bendy roads.

Driving the Jaguar is a driving experience that can be related to driving a stately home with every room and wall having a history and story to tell.

Both are exceptionally powerful vehicles and can if necessary reach rates of speed well exceeding beyond 100mph. The Jaguar has great pedigree and heritage as long as your arm, while the BMW is a highly prestigious vehicle that few can touch or compare to.

While choosing between the these two outstanding projects is not easy, my current vehicle gives me the opportunity to compare and review, but whether the Jaguar is actually the better car of the two simply because someone owns it is not a good enough gauge to base a general conclusion on that vehicle being the best of the two, as that has to be a belief rather than a genuine comparison.

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